The fastest way to exploit the telecommunications power of ISDN2e!

Look...no wiring!

The Diverse ISDN System requires virtually no wiring beyond simple mains power and line connections. Hang the unit on a wall within reach of an ISDN socket and mains power, plug in the supplied cables and that's it!

The system is configured via a Diverse Executive handset, using simple menus displayed on the handset's large Liquid Crystal Display (N.B. System cannot be set up without a Diverse 2000 Executive handset, so at least one must be purchased with the each Diverse ISDN base, or with the first base unit when buying a multi-base system).

The system can service up to eight DECT handsets - any GAP compatible units will work, but only the Diverse Executive handsets are able to handle all the ISDN specific services, such as MSN. In addition, there are two analogue ports on the base, allowing the unit to also service two conventional devices such as an analogue Telephone, Group 3 Fax or answerphone.

Diverse ISDN base unit

BT Diverse ISDN DECT Base Unit

CLI and MSN Fully Supported

If your digital line has Calling Line Identity (CLI) set up, then the Diverse ISDN will pass this information to the handset (currently only the Diverse 2000 Executive handsets are fully compatible with all Diverse ISDN services). If your line has Multiple Subscriber Numbering (MSN) then the Diverse ISDN can also allocate each Diverse 2000 Executive handset its own unique telephone number. In total, you could have eight DECT handsets PLUS two analogue devices all responding to their own telephone numbers.

The system is ideal for small workgroups operating within a single office or studio environment who would benefit from the flexibility of multiple telephone numbers when combined with mobility and elegant system design. Suitable applications include: Architects, Designers, Retail Showrooms, Estate Agents and Motor Dealer Sales Staff. Indeed, any business or home would benefit from the above features.

Suitable for Temporary Installations

The speed and almost low cost of installation is very convenient and highly cost effective for temporary installations, such as Construction Works Offices or Exhibition Halls. The system can be installed and configured in minutes, and removed when needed in the time it takes to unplug and carry away. The low cost of charging pods allow handsets to be re-charged where convenient rather than being restricted to a fixed location.- please enquire about hire


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