Phones without Wires

You don't need wires to have fully featured phone system. Our experience of DECT means we can supply DECT phone systems which work out more competitive than conventional hardwired systems but with the added benefit of no wires and total mobility within the designed operating area.

Systems start at single line, six extension. The next step is two analogue line (or ISDN2e), up to eight cordless handsets and two corded sockets connected directly to the base unit. This system gives up to 300 metre range oudoors.

The range can be extended by the use of "repeaters".

Click on the link and have a look at the features of the:-
BT Diverse system

Larger systems are available they can be "piggybacked" onto an existing system or operate as a totally cordless office phone system. With the use of additional transmitters can give coverage of large areas.

Give us a call or send us an E-mail to find out how DECT can help you.

The Elmeg range of DECT system will intergrate with existing PABX or if used with the ICT range of switches will allow total intergration of wirless & corded phones.

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