Audio Hire

Barnabus Communications specialise in small quality PA systems for corporate & broadcast. Our workhorse speaker is the Dragon Spirit DS108  available in black or white. For higher power systems with a stronger bass the DS101B makes a versatile bi-amped rig. We supply PA systems from small portable up to 1.5Kw, self operate or with technician.

We offer a range stands and flying brackets. Amplifiers from QSC & Crown, Mixers from Mackie & Soundcraft.


Radio Microphones
We stock VHF & UHF radio microphones from Audio Technica, Sennheiser & 2.4GHz digital systems from Sabine. They are available in licence exempt VHF (174-175 Mhz), UHF (ch 70)  & 2.4GHz. Licenced higher power systems are available UHF (ch69). We will shortly introduce channel 38. we can also offer high power systems for specific site use (subject to licence from JFMG).


Cable Intercom TechPro & Stonewood
Industry standard three wire cable comms. It connects using a standard microphone cable. All units are effectively connected in a ring. The system offers an extensive range of options including a range of radio interface units



We can be contacted at hire@barnabus.co.uk or download our shortform hire list


Theatre Sound & Communication
Audio Tecnica radio mics, Techpro Cable Comms, Icom two way radio

Cordless Phones & Systems

Wireless Networking & mobile data
Extending networks, fully portable wireless networking

Elmeg ISDN PABX systems & switches

Garmin range of units, plus software & accessories

GSM Gateways & phones

Training courses

RF test
AEA Technolgy range of analyser & test equipment

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