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You must have seen all the television and newspaper adds for the digital highway. Up to now systems to give you real facilities have been expensive and with BT and the Cable Companies slowness to introduce all ISDN European specification facilities - not even giving you some facilities of analogue phones.

Elmeg have 'plugged' that gap with systems giving you all the facilities that most business and many homes need.

The Elmeg ICT46 gives you all the facilities you would expect from any phone system. Such as internal calls, call transfer internal and external enquiry plus some not available on small systems and not currently available from BT such as Call Divert - irrespective of network facility

The Bigger Brother ICT88

For larger offices there is the ICT880 with options for ISDN30


All elmeg systems have option for analogue and digital extension - visit the Elmeg website for more information on specific products

C24 & C44

If you would like to know more contact us for information or visit the Elmegweb site.

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