Communication without Wires

Wireless Networking & mobile data
Wireless Networking is the most popular method of connecting laptops to networks. At Barnabus we have experience of wireless networking, it might be a system for a whole conference venue or just to cover a meeting room or reception area we have the experience.

Many business due to restrictions of sites and buildings have great difficulty in expanding computer networks quickly and without disruption. We can help you solve the problem of linking buildings or allowing fully mobile operating for individuals constantly on the move within a site.

With most laptops having wireless facilities built in many companies and hotels are creating free access areas allowing any user access to the Internet. We can advise and supply multi speed devices form manufactures like D-link, Billion, EnGenius, plus we can supply a wide range of antenna for point to point and wide area coverage.

We can also help with expanding existing cable infrastructure and the integration of cable systems not just for networking but telephone and security.


Hire, Sales & Service PMR two way radio equipment

Cordless Phones & Systems

Elmeg ISDN PABX systems & switches

GSM Gateways & phones

Garmin equipment, software & accessories
Repeaters extending coverage

Theatre Sound & Communication
Audio Tecnica radio mics, Techpro Cable Comms, Icom two way radio

Training courses


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