Walkie talkies (PMR)
Whether its just a couple of hand-portables - like the Icom F15 shown below, or a full duplex talkback system we have extensive experience of supplying radios for all types of event, from the small fete to major conferences, sporting events, & broadcast program making.

We can also help with the management of existing equipment and systems and can advise and supply supplementary equipment as required. Our staff have experience of many major events and we are experienced with co-ordinating with the Ofcom and The JFMG for efficient management of radio spectrum.

We supply products for hire from Icom - hand-portable, mobiles & repeaters, plus a range of accessories like aquabags for use afloat, Sordin & Peltor headsets for use at motorsport events, earpieces and lightweight headsets for more discreet use.

Equipment can be supplied on customers existing channels (subject to any licence restrictions) or standard hire with a choice of VHF & UHF to suit specific requirements.

The Icom F15 hand portable Icom F15 and the new F3002   Icom F3002


We stock VHF & UHF radio microphones from Audio Technica, Sennheiser & 2.4GHz digital systems from Sabine.

PA Systems
We supply PA systems up to 1.5Kw, self operate or with technician.


Running a Restricted Service Licence radio station? We can help with Transmitters, antennas, mobile masts - pump up masts from Clark & Versatower trailer mounted masts. We have experience in planning the transmission and programmed distribution for RSL's using multiple transmitters.

Help is also available in all aspects of RSL's so do not hesitate to contact us.


For special events and conferences there is an increasing need for Data. We supply Wireless Networking products. They can be used to temporarily extend an existing Network or create a wireless network for an event or conference.

At Barnabus Communications we can help you choose the right equipment for your needs. Contact us to discuss your communication requirement for your next event.



We can be contacted at hire@barnabus.co.uk or download our shortform hire list


Theatre Sound & Communication
Audio Tecnica radio mics, Techpro Cable Comms, Icom two way radio

Cordless Phones & Systems

Wireless Networking & mobile data
Extending networks, fully portable wireless networking

Elmeg ISDN PABX systems & switches

Garmin range of units, plus software & accessories

GSM Gateways & phones

Training courses

RF test
AEA Technolgy range of analyser & test equipment

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