Communication without Wires

Two Way radio is still a very important and easy to use communication. In many circumstances two way radio has great advantages over other communication like cellular phones. We hire and sell a range of products to meet your needs.

Two way radio benefits over other forms of communication, notably instant point to point, group calling and listening. This makes it ideal for many on-site situations, situations like Security, Events & Entertainment and Hotels.


Icom F15 Handportable & F510 mobile


.........wide area use like Taxi Companies, Farms and the Voluntary Aid Services.

Radios can communicate without other power sources or equipment. Coverage and range is easily configured to suite your needs and budget. The New Licence exempt radio means you can now take some radios anywhere within the EEC (subject to any local restrictions).There are many options like encryption for secure communication and the new digital radios giving clear audio under difficult conditions

At Barnabus Communications we can help you choose the right equipment for your needs and we can help with choice and application of relevant licence, installation and maintenance.

We offer a hire service for special events supplying hand portables, mobiles and repeaters. Our staff have extensive experience in the planning and supply of radio equipment from very small events to major sporting events and conferences. If you need help planning or extra equipment for an existing system contact us for advice or click on the link for more information on radio hire.

We supply a range of products and accessories from Icom, Team Simoco, Sordin & McKay so if you need to buy or hire radio equipment contact us.

Visit some of our principle suppliers via the "Links" page to find out more about their products.

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