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Icom logo Suppliers of two way radio for PMR, Marine, Aeronautical, Amateur


AEA Technolgy Inc RF (HF to 1GHz), vector impedance & Time Domain Reflectometers


Team Simoco logoTeam Simoco - handportables, mobiles & repeaters




Special Headsets for noisy environments

Garmin GPS Equipment & software

San Jose- GPS antennas & repeaters



Audio Technica radio mics & microphones


bhi-ltd noise reduction

Download forms & information on all aspects of radio licensing in the UK


elmeg logo
Find out more about the full Elmeg range


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Hire, Sales & Service PMR two way radio equipment

Wireless Networking & mobile data
Extending networks, fully portable wireless networking

Elmeg ISDN PABX systems & switches

GSM Gateways & phones

Garmin equipment, software & accessories
Repeaters extending coverage


Training courses

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